I have a recurring TODO note in my org-mode which reminds me to write a blog post every week. This reminder also offers me the possibility of make a small note each time I mark it as DONE. Since 11 August 2009 I've CANCELLED every single one of those reminders, but I've always left myself a note. So here is the unaltered log of all my failed blogging attempts since 11 August 2009. Consider it a kind of sub-blog.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-03-15 Mon 21:45] \\

Purcell Plus meeting. Very good Evensong (Rach Bog, Sumsion in A,

Copi pieces). Saw Ali.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-03-08 Mon 11:27] \\

Parents visiting. Horniman museum.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-02-28 Sun 12:21] \\

Can't think of anything in particular. Luc Steels talk was good.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-02-21 Sun 22:06] \\

Went to Bromley. Mozart Requiem. Meeting with Alex about Beyond

Text. MLI conference. Discovered importance of relating computer

science as science of procedure with procedure in scholarship.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-02-12 Fri 18:46] \\

No blogging today

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-02-12 Fri 11:59] \\

No blog this week

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-02-02 Tue 11:21] \\

Zoe went to see the new baby.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-01-24 Sun 14:07] \\

Choral evensong with Leighton! Birthday. V&A Decode exhibition.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-01-18 Mon 17:18] \\

Live coding event at KCL

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-01-11 Mon 17:54] \\

I did blog, just not about my week

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-01-02 Sat 12:26]

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2010-01-02 Sat 12:25] \\

Christmas at mum and dad's (lots of snow and ice). New year at home.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-12-21 Mon 11:14] \\

SBCL 10. Carol service. Where the Whild Things Are

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-12-17 Thu 11:13] \\

RCUK e-Science review. All Hands Meeting.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-12-07 Mon 09:04] \\

Crib service. Mum and dad visiting. Doing RCUK poster.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-11-29 Sun 22:03] \\

Advent carol service. Real-time. I did actually blog about CLSQL

and MySQL table name case sensitivity

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-11-23 Mon 09:37]

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-11-17 Tue 17:59] \\

It was very windy on Saturday. Zoe is away in Ghent. I had a bit

of a fail with marking the relations tests (but did quite well

on learning about them).

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-11-03 Tue 09:26] \\

Mum and Emma visited to see Breakfast at Tiffany's. Durufle

reqiuem. Zoe away.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-10-26 Mon 17:16] \\

UEA seminar. SMITF broadcast.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-10-17 Sat 12:39] \\

Trying to write UEA paper. Got caught by libpthreads bug which

disabled X server. Set up kernel mode switching. Seems that

this causes xrandr not to work, and DisplaySize not to work,

DPI to be broken, etc. etc.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-10-12 Mon 09:10] \\

Went to Thomas Dixon lecture. Was ill most of the week.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-10-05 Mon 12:56] \\

Sang your first solo. Zoe got an AAO.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-09-27 Sun 22:22] \\

We went to Ham Hall. Sang first evensong at SMITF. Got some

teaching jobs. Learned to use ssh-agent.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-09-21 Mon 09:44]

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-09-15 Tue 15:03] \\

You went to see Dido and Aeneas and it was great! You also

still need to blog about DRHA.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-09-05 Sat 18:23] \\

I'll blog after DRHA

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-09-01 Tue 09:15] \\

Must get back in to blogging

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-08-24 Mon 09:47] \\

Did a review, but no blog

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-08-17 Mon 10:19] \\

See weekly report excuse.

  • State "CANCELLED" from "TODO" [2009-08-11 Tue 11:13] \\

Was away in Ross for Three Choirs